Belt Splicing and Onsite Service

We come to your business for belt splicing
Our onsite service on Conveyor Belts is available 24 hours a day seven days a week

Need on-site belt splicing for your conveyor belt? At Convey Belt Company our 24hr breakdown service have you covered, so you can get up and running again quickly.

We understand that time is money and will do our best to ensure the belts keep running no matter what time of the day, night, seven days a week. We provide many areas of onsite service including:

  • Hot Belt Splicing
  • Cold Belt Splicing
  • PVC Belt Splicing
  • Belt Clipping and Rip Repairs
  • Hot Belt Repairs
  • Cold Belt Repairs
  • Pulley Lagging onsite in Situ
  • Boilermaking
  • Belt Cleaner Maintenance
  • Roller Changing
  • Belt Auditing and Inspections

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